Campaign film for skate-aid

I had the honour to create the video for the new campaign of skate-aid.

Text by skate-aid:
Empowering girls - that's the goal of our campaign GIRLS SKATE! Throughout September, everything revolves around the strong women of the future. We want to actively help to change role stereotypes and encourage girls to pursue their interests and dreams and develop their skills. We want to show them that they can do everything, including skateboarding. We also want to create an awareness of how valuable skateboarding can be for personal development. Support our Mission. We empower girls!⁠

Special thank you to the following people who contributed their time to work on this video:

Contribution of skate-clips
Lea Schäfer, Titus Tornados Team
Jennifer Schneeweiß, German Olympia Skateboard Team
Helen Storz, Titus Stuttgart Shop Team
Sanne van Linder, Titus Tornados Team
Carolin Dynybil and alle the girls in our projects

Video Production, thank you so much for the clip
Post productions GmbH
Hafengold Film GmbH
Simon Fölster, thank you for the special effort

Voiceover, thank you for giving our campign a voice: ⁠ Sara Kelly-Husain⁠

Check out this campaign: